Grocery Shopping

This delivery service includes stocking the pantry, unpacking refrigerated items, and filling the bar if you wish. We can go all organic, budget-friendly, or get only the brands you ask for specifically. To fill out a grocery form click HERE to get started.

All wine and beer above 3.2% alcohol in addition to hard liquor must be purchased at a state liquor store. If you would like to purchase these, please click HERE and fill out Driver’s license information and bottle requests.

Prepared Foods

If you want the convenience of ready-made meals but can handle the serving and clean up yourselves, we can drop off heat and serve meals, custom salad kits, and easy breakfast items to make life easy. CLICK HERE to see a list of our Prepared Foods options.

Personal Chef

Don’t feel like hassling with any of it? Let us set you up with a local private chef to do it all. These pros will customize your dinners to be exactly what you’re looking for with none of prepping, cleaning, or organizing. Please fill out the form HERE to get check availability.

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