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About Us

Welcome to Alta Provisions!

We started this company because we know how hard it is to organize a ski trip, let alone feed your hungry selves with no grocery stores close by, expensive restaurants, and limited sundries. We understand no one wants to drive up and down our canyon when you have come to ski not run errands.

Susie Mills

We are a small team of dedicated cooks and avid skiers. We all share a passion for our local mountains and cultivate that same passion into providing an excellent experience for all who come to share it with us. Our skills and experience range from a highly trained chef featured on Top Chef, a couple of private chefs who have been cooking in the canyon for 20 years, to a Catalan native who unique Barcelonan menus take you on a culinary voyage. Our roster is constantly changing as we discover new local talents creating tasty meals.

I, Susie Mills, my husband Doug, 4 year-old Conrad, and dog Boone, started this operation because we know how to provide you with an excellent, hassle-free alternative to the basic options offered at most ski resorts either cooked in house or delivered to your door. We are constantly evolving and expanding our menu and our team to help make your Utah ski experience unforgettable. For more information on our chefs for hire. Please check out my chef bios! For menu's check out our prepared foods menu for 2022!


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